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FAQ Common Problem
According to the transmission medium, central air conditioning can be divided ?
Three categories: refrigerant cascade, water-cooled and air pipe type
2. what is the COP?
Answer: COP is the coefficient of performance, cooling coefficient or the efficiency ratio, it is the high temperature heat output and energy consumption ratio.
3 what is the OEER?
Answer: to provide equal demand conditions, reduced energy consumption of different equipment into the same kind of primary energy consumption ratio is called the primary energy efficiency, denoted by the symbol OEER.
4 what is the dry bulb temperature?
Answer: is that parameters of wet air heat degree. Usually expressed as t degrees Celsius [ C ], expressed as T absolute temperature or temperature of [K], the conversion relationship between the two is: T=273.15+tThe general said the wet air temperature refers to the dry bulb temperature, which is measured by the bare thermometer.