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FAQ Common Problem
What does includes in the Hot and cold water air conditioning system conveying part?
including frozen water ( hot water in winter ), cooling water pipe, water pump, cooling tower set various valves
What does includes in the air conditioning system air distribution part?
Including transport, return air duct, send, return fan, muffler, air valve and back to other equipment and devices.
What air processing part of the air conditioning system includes?
including air filter, Lin water chamber ( spray chamber ), a surface cooler, heater, humidifier, air.
What cold and heat source of air conditioning system include?
Including chillers, boilers and other equipment. These devices provide cold and the heat to the air conditioning system.
Air conditioning system is composed of several parts?
it consists of the following several parts in various combinations: cold and heat source part, air processing part, air distribution and cold and hot water distribution.
What is the dew point temperature?
wet air temperature corresponding to the saturated moisture content, is called the dew point temperature. A moisture content of the air, when the temperature drops to the dew point temperature, began to condensation